Looking for Used Carpet Cleaning Equipment?

In today's economy, where everyone is looking to save, it just isn't practical to pay top dollar for used carpet cleaning equipment. At Cleaners Clearance, we understand that you are busy trying to run a carpet cleaning or restoration business, keep your customers happy, and enjoy some type of family life. You don't have time to spend hours and hours scouring web sites, local businesses, and the want ads for cheap carpet cleaning machines, carpet extractors, carpet pumps or any other type of quality used carpet cleaning equipment. That's where Cleaners Clearance comes in.

Cheap Carpet Cleaning Machines

We are constantly looking for the best deals on new and used carpet cleaning equipment for sale, cheap cleaning equipment close outs, and overstocks from carpet cleaning equipment manufacturers all over the country. Then, we group them all them together in one convenient place for the best possible price and pass our savings on to you. That way, when you need that discounted used carpet cleaning machine, you can come to us, rather than spending hours of your valuable time searching for quality used carpet cleaning equipment or those hard to find cleaning supplies.


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Quantity Available: 8

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Quantity Available: 133

Carpet Extractors, Carpet Pumps, Air Movers and More!

Our close-out carpet cleaning machines are new and perfect and ready to go. They just may be last years model, or a local dealer purchased too many and couldn't sell them, so we scooped these quality carpet cleaning machines to offer them to you. Our used carpet cleaning equipment is repaired and cleaned by our staff of qualified technicians, and often times have been refurbished with new parts straight from the manufacturer. Additionally, we test each piece of used carpet cleaning equipment we sell before sending it out, to make sure it is in good working order so you can put it to work right away, saving you precious time. On top of all of that, we offer a 14 day Money-Back guarantee. With Cleaners Clearance, there is no risk, so you can purchase our CHEAP carpet cleaning machines with confidence knowing that we stand behind every item we sell.

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